Bending Tools made in Germany

Rohrbiegegerät, rothenberger, kaltbiegen

After generations of craftsmen have been struggling    with a heavy implement, it is now time for a new generation of hand benders.


The tube bender „Aluklick“, constructed by the company „Wichelmann – professional tools“, is made of high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum.

Due to the lightweight design and the use of a ratchet the tool can be used by a single person.

The tube is kept in the guide by a spring-suspended hook.

With this tool it is possible to match copper tubes directly on-site and bend them according to DIN EN 1057, eliminating the need to store and transport bent tubes.

A scale on the wheel allows you to produce an accurate angle of bend (up to 180 °).


The „Aluklick“ can be disassembled with ease and each component can be replaced individually.